A space opera about time travel, personal identity, and the war to create the best of all possible worlds.
By Scott David Gray.

Welcome to the Future

The future, past, and all times are different from what they might have been.
Potential actions in the future and the past influence what may or may not have existed in various times and places.
You are among the citizens of space-time that has more freedom of movement in space and time.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth

There are multiple other peoples in the Universe of potential space and time.
Those peoples are diffent in technology, habits, thinking patterns, physique and philosophy. Or at least hair, skin, eyes, horns or brow ridges; hey it's sci-fi, whadda ya want?

Our world

This game was run by Scott David Gray from December 2011 to August 2012. It was offered in the same spirit as Fitchbug Regional, Mootland Adventures, Romany Tales, and World Without Shrimp.
PCs were members of the Rebel Alliance.

  • 000. Character creation get-together
    OOG Sun 12/11/2011 in Marlborough
  •     Season 1 (13 episodes, 12 of which aired)
  • 101. Pilot: The Rebel Alliance vs. The Red Baron
    OOG Sun 01/08/2012 Noon in Northborough IG 04/14/1918-04/21/1918
    Case File 101, by Professor Kade
  • 102. The Na'Vi Black Box Red Alert Blues
    OOG Sun 01/29/2012 Noon in Northborough 2 IG 2712
    Case File 102, by Professor Kade
    Case File 102 supplemental, by DASCA
    Case File Supplemental 1A, by Professor Kade
  • 103. Changeling
    OOG Sat 02/18/2012 Noon in Marlborough IG 3027
  • Case File 103, by Captain Adamska
  • 104. Space Hulk
    OOG Sat 03/03/2012 Noon in Marlborough IG 2132
  • Case File 104, by Professor Kade
    Case File 104b, by Engineer DeWitt
  • 105. The Adventures of Michelangelo in the 27th Century
    OOG unaired IG 2685
  • No case files
  • 106. The Medici-Michelangelo Dilemma
    OOG Sat 03/24/2012 Noon in Northborough IG 1490 Florence
  • No case files
  • 107. The Ralegh Problem
    OOG Sat 04/14/2012 Noon in Northborough IG 1618 London, 1587 Roanoke
  • Case File 107, by Professor Kade
  • 108. Der Wing Des Nibelungen
    OOG Sun 04/29/2012 Noon in Northborough IG Tønsberg Scandinavia 1003 CE
  • Acting Captain's Log (Case File 108), by Professor Kade
  • 109. DASCA gets some upgrades and Leah gets a date
    OOG Sun 05/13/2012 Noon in Northborough IG 3102 Hughes, IN and elsewhen/where
  • Acting Captain's Log (Case File 109), by Professor Kade
  • 110. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    OOG Sun 05/27/2012 Noon in Northborough IG 3102 Hughes, IN and 2781 Fiji
  • Historian's Verbal Report (Case File 110), by Professor Kade
  • 111. Ceasefire
    OOG Sat 06/09/2012 1:00 PM in Marlborough IG 2811 Astroid 3112B Avalon System
  • Captain's Log (Case File 111), by Captain Adamska
  • 112. Let's Kill Adamska
    OOG Sat 06/30/2012 Noon in Marlborough IG Port Victoria Mars 1702 and Deep Space 3 billion BCE
  • Historian's Log (Case File 112), by Professor Kade
  • 113. Wire in a Fire, Representing Seven Games with a Government for Hire and a Combat Site
    series conclusion
    OOG Sat 08/04/2012 Noon in Northborough IG Hostile ship, Deep Space 3 billion BCE
  • 5th Grade Social Studies Paper (Case File 113), by Melody Cartwright
The Cast Special Guests
  • DASCA, The Shipboard Computer, Played by Scott Gray, Sessions 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113
  • Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, German WWI flying ace, Played by Scott Gray, Session 101, 111, 112
  • Professor Janet Miratel-Cartright, Na'Vi Historian specializing in martial development, Played by Scott Gray, Session 102, 112
  • Professor Marcus Cartright, Military Historian specializing in the Na'Vi, Played by Scott Gray, Session 102
  • Jonathan van Rensselar (aka Johnny Walker), Womanizing math and physics genius, Played by Scott Gray, Session 103
  • Captain José Solo, Space smuggler with his ship Daisy, Played by Scott Gray, Session 103, 106
  • Michelangelo Buonarotti, A Florentine Rennaisance man, a lover and a fighter, without so much fighter Played by Tim Gallus, Sessions 105, 106
  • Lorenzo de Medici, A Florentine Rennaisance man, who does not suffer fools easily, Played by Scott Gray, Session 106
  • Walter Ralegh, English Explorer, politician, commander, super-genius Played by Scott Gray, Sessions 107
  • Captain Grrrthugha, Gruff Toth post-post-tothocalyptic Toth commander on a mission to acquire time-travel technology and to normalize Toth history, Played by Scott Gray, Session 107
  • Johann, Viking slayer of Splurgs (dragons), Played by Scott Gray, Session 108
  • King Heidel, Hard Drinking Viking King, hoping to conquer the stars, Played by Scott Gray, Session 108
  • Mayor Flavius Julius Valens Augustus, Former Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, mayor of Hughes Indiana circa 3100, Played by Scott Gray, Session 109, 111
  • Professor Furaskin, Computer Scientist, Played by Scott Gray, Session 109
  • Lane, A popular guy that Leah hired to date her, but as one would expect in a 1980s movie, eventually fell for Leah, Played by Scott Gray, Session 109, 110, 111
  • Jim Moriarity, A computer program aiming to remake the world
    Played by Scott Gray, Session 110, 111, 113
  • VP Jefferey Bose, PhD, More™ Security Expert, Played by Scott Gray, Session 110
  • Captain William Adamska, Civilian hero, holds off Divistati invastion of Earth until 4007, evacuates the survivors to the 17th-19th century Martian colony, assassinated by his own ungrateful daughter Played by Scott Gray, Session 111, 112, 113
  • Liana Metchko, Astrophysicist, holder of the "Montgomery Scott" chair in Mathematics, Astrophysics and Applied Temporal Science. Her theory of Neutron Energy Transference is considered to have always been responsible for the cost of gate technology being only 20-40 billion credits per paired gate (before transport costs) instead of 200-300 billion credits per paired gate. Played by Scott Gray, Session 112, 113
  • Countess Luna, The local governor of the Martian Colony from its 1680 founding until 1750. Played by Scott Gray, Session 112
  • Jeff Bridges, 22nd Century Korsokov's patient, kidnapped by Jim Moriarity and turned into a mindless combat drone. Played by Scott Gray, Session 113



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